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Posted by on Mar 9, 2017 in All Articles, Exterior Painting, Tips |

Why March is the Ideal Month to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

Why March is the Ideal Month to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

We’re lucky weather-wise in the vast state of Texas. But you already know this. With incredibly mild winters, the Lone Star State doesn’t have too much to worry about when snow, sleet, and ice are of concern. Other areas of the country are shoveling their driveways, while we sip ice tea on the back patio.

Sipping ice tea on the back patio
Historically, the median average temperature in San Antonio during March hovers between 71-75 degrees. Not only are these temperatures reasonably comfortable, but they also provide great opportunity when your home’s exterior painting is on the docket.


March is Ideal for Exterior Painting

We’ve found the early bird gets the worm when exterior painting is concerned.

Here’s why March is a great month to paint the exterior of your home:

  • The Ideal Temperature: With temperatures balanced around the mid-60’s to low-70’s, it’s hard to imagine a better time to have your home’s exterior painted. Milder temperatures allow the solids found in the paints to cure properly, which typically ensures a better coating. Combined with using an A-rated quality paint with a paint application temperature rating of 35 degrees (minimum) makes the ideal recipe for a fantastic exterior paint job.
    Dark, flat surfaces like this trim can be an issue in heat
  • No Fluctuation: Many homeowners are baffled to find out that exterior paint jobs completed earlier in the year tend to have a longer shelf-life than those done in the high heat of summer. While it may go against the grain of common painting knowledge, temperatures over 100 degrees tend to be hard on the exterior paint of your home while being applied.
  • Great Pricing: At Southern Painting, we strive to price our offerings reasonably and competitively year round. But we’re not going to sugarcoat anything. The winter months give consumers the best chance at getting great deals on exterior pricing but this may not necessarily mean it’s best for your home. Even though you may get a discounted price from another painting company, that doesn’t mean that they are looking out for your best interest.  Exterior paint jobs can be discounted during winter to entice you to paint during a time that’s not ideal. Hey, we’re just looking out for you! Beware that cheaper is not always better.


Don’t Delay – Paint Your Home’s Exterior Today

March is one of the best months to have your home’s exterior painted, or at least to begin the planning process. At Southern Painting, we give you our word – you won’t be disappointed when your home’s exterior is looking great, and you beat the spring fling rush.

Your home's exterior can look great too
And don’t forget – we give you our three-year limited warranty with any exterior paint job and the peace of mind that comes with our 25-year reputation throughout the great state of Texas. Get in touch today and take advantage of this ideal time!