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Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in All Articles, Home Improvement, Interior Design |

The Truth About Touch Ups: What Every Homeowner Needs to Know Before Retouching Paint

The Truth About Touch Ups: What Every Homeowner Needs to Know Before Retouching Paint

As professional painting contractors, Southern Painting often gets calls from homeowners looking to have the paint on their interior walls or trim touched up. Whether they are looking for an alternative to save money on the cost of a full painting project, or even acting proactively and contacting us to repaint before touch ups are actually needed, more often than not, what a customer may think is a small touch-up painting project is really so much more.

The Trouble with Touch Ups

Getting a quality touch-up paint job can be tricky. Even if homeowners have leftover paint from the last time the house was painted, it probably won’t match. Over time, exposure to sunlight, dirt and other elements causes paint colors on surfaces to fade. There are other factors too, like temperature, humidity and even the time of year that the painting was done, that can affect the paint color enough to cause a noticeable difference in the hues.

Another factor that affects the ability to match paint is the existing finish. Different paint finishes – from flat, eggshell, semi-gloss or gloss – all have unique properties and behaviors that will show paint marks differently. For instance, using a semi-gloss paint on top of more semi-gloss paint will result in shiny spots speckling the walls or the trim, even if the paint hue is accurate.

Because of the difficulty in matching new paint hues and finishes with the existing ones, homeowners should know that typically, it’ll be better to repaint the entire wall or section, even if they’re looking to only touch up a few spots. Even though we are painting professionals and have proven tricks up our sleeves for touch ups, true “spot” paint just doesn’t blend that well into the paint around it.

Even for handy homeowners who like to DIY, hiring a professional painting contractor for touch ups is perhaps even more critical than hiring a professional to do an entire interior painting project. At Southern Painting, our expert painters know how to work with the reactive properties of different paint finishes. Here, we share some of our proven tips for the best touch up paint projects:

Different Paint FinishesPro Tips for Touch Ups

  • Remember that when paint can’t be matched because of fading, it’s better to paint an entire wall instead of small patch area.
  • Oil paints change more dramatically than latex or water-based paints over time, so spot touch ups are not recommended; instead paint in small sections when working with a paint color match versus a new can of the original color.
  • Paint that doesn’t have a lot of shine to it, such as a flat finish, is a lot easier to touch up than paint with a semi-gloss or gloss finish.
  • Use premium paint and products to apply it. It is worth the money to buy quality paint.
  • Properly store leftover paint. The key to paint storage is keeping air out of the can. For additional tips for storing or disposing of paint, click here.

Southern Painting specializes in residential repaint work, and we have more than 26 years of experience delivering premium touch up work for interior and exterior painting projects. We can help you make the best selections for colors and techniques to update the paint in your home without sacrificing quality. If you want to freshen up your space with a touch up paint job that is done right, contact our team of professional painting contractors today!