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Posted by on Mar 15, 2017 in All Articles, Color, Design, Ideas |

The Art of Mixing & Matching the Ideal Cabinet Colors

The Art of Mixing & Matching the Ideal Cabinet Colors

Adding color to the most centrally used space in your home has finally moved beyond your choice of colored appliances and accessories. When thinking color for the kitchen, take a second look at the basic bones, better known as cabinetry, as a great place to start; a blank canvas with great potential.

Gone are the days of cabinets in monotone colors with matching wood grains crying out for a designer’s touch! No longer do you have to tear down the old cabinets to make room for the expensive new ones. Want to change the hardscape of your kitchen? Don’t hire a builder, hire a painter: hire Southern Painting.

We are going to share six ideas of mixing and matching the color of the constant architecture in your kitchen. Discover the decorator in you and add your own personal touch by employing any one of these unique tips.

Mix or Match

Color Complements

Color Complements

Kitchens look more attractive when there is a nice mix of colors. If you’re not satisfied with the singular paint or stain of your cabinets, consider adding another color or two. An extra accent or complementary color adds a bit of variety to the space and builds your kitchen character. Pair white paint with primary colors creating the dramatic image sure to pop.

One Colored Cabinet

Accentuate one single area or cabinet with one color in sharp contrast to the other cabinets. One ColorFor example, paint the cabinet trim around your stove area a contrasting color from the adjacent cabinets. Not only does this create a focal point for the room, but depending on the contrast in color, it will change your perception of the room size.

Accents & Islands

Break up the symmetry of colors of your cabinets. Add a little color to the kitchen painting the island cabinets a different color than the wall cabinets. The distinct coloring creates a natural effect as the island becomes a pivotal centerpiece of the kitchen.

Accents and Glazes

Great Glazes

By adding some stain or a glaze to your cabinets, you can change the whole feel of the kitchen. This is especially effective when you already have two shades throughout your kitchen. A stain or a glaze can either add patterns and cuts to the look of the cabinet. Use glaze to add pop to your accent color or soften the main color of the cabinets.

Ups & Downs

If you want to keep things simple while still designing like a professional, then coloring your upper cabinet’s one hue and the lower ones in a different shade is just the trick. Choose a lighter color for the upper cabinets and a darker one for the lower.

Ups and Downs

The trick to making this work is the similarity of the countertop that ties everything together creating a light, energetic color arrangement pleasing to the eyes.

Tackling Texture

Think of texture in both the touch and look of your kitchen. Texture adds contrast and is a bold way to showcase kitchen cabinets. Adding a grainy wood texture contrasting to a smooth black or white finish will ensure your kitchen is incredibly unique and interesting.

TextureCabinetry with strong patterns with split turnings provide embellishment to tall units. Variations to your cabinet surface includes the use of decorative onlays and inserts, even corbels. Corbels are not only essential to countertop support but choosing an array of styles to suite the design theme of your room.

Finding the Perfect Mix For Your Cabinets

Now that you’ve decided which of these fabulous tips speaks to you, there’s no time like the present. Get in touch with the professionals at Southern Painting. We’re here to answer all your questions and help you find the perfect mix and match for your kitchen for the ideal cabinet color. Remember a new look is only a painter away!