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Posted by on May 16, 2017 in All Articles, Ask Our Pros, Color, Design, Interior Painting, Tips |

Smart Value Decisions, Featuring our “Rules of Three” – Part Two

Smart Value Decisions, Featuring our “Rules of Three” – Part Two

Last month we shared Value Purchasing in a Service Related Industry, part one of a three-part series discussing our “Rules of Three.” This month we want to share another important topic in making smart value decisions: part two, identifying the category or type of a room to help determine the correct color which, in turn, will unveil the precise mood of your room.

Believe it or not, there is a psychology to color. Professionals have spent years evaluating the effects of color in the everyday lives of people. Colors choices can be a direct reflection of your personality type. We all have preferences when it comes to color, in what we wear; even the colors of your favorite sports team.

Selecting colors to paint your home can feel daunting. How many times have you felt gridlocked when deciding paint colors for a just a single room? Just how high up the food chain do we make color a priority when it comes to making smart value decisions for your home? Did you know that there is something equally important to consider before making a color choice?

The Room Type Influences the Design

At Southern Painting, we want you to know you don’t have to overthink things. After years of providing residential repaint services to over 100,000 customers, we have developed a very simple theory we believe will help. It’s Part 2 of our “Rules of Three”- identifying the room type.

The Room Type Influences the Design

The majority of rooms in your home will fall into the three categories; mood rooms, illusion rooms and visual rooms. Grouping your spaces into three room types is the first step in the journey to achieving your finished look.

    • Mood Rooms – Living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bedrooms are typically the classified as mood rooms. Some rooms are public, others are more private, but these rooms tend to take precedence when considering the color design and décor to induce the right state of mind or emotion.

    • Illusion Rooms – Illusion rooms are the spaces that can be deceiving and are often rooms we decorate to connect to another space. For instance, a foyer positioned right off a main living area can create the illusion of enlarging space when the décor is tied into the main room. How you define the use of a room is just as important as the color you choose to put on the wall.

  • Visual Rooms – Visual rooms are rooms which are used in an organization manner, spaces where finding an object is more important than artisanship. As an example, closets are not normally in the decorator’s spotlight, but rather focus on what is housed in the space. Organized to store linens, clothes or even Christmas decorations, these rooms are rarely seen by outsiders and are more essential to function rather than form.

Mixing and Matching with Color and Decor

At Southern Painting, we understand how challenging decorating can be. In the age of open area concepts coordination of color, accent and décor are even more important to claim the individual nature of a space while fostering continuity.

For those who have more traditionally divided spaces, there is hope for you too. Individual rooms can combine architectural elements and paint color melding the rooms together. For example, these three categories are often used in conjunction with each other:

#1 – Mood/Illusion

Mood/Illusion room combinations often find a foyer and dining room tied together. Continuity in color helps extend the warmth and shared atmosphere of the two individual spaces.



#2 – Mood/Visual

Mood/Visual rooms bring a feel of transition to a room that you want to include in the mood of the overall design concept, such as a sitting room adjacent to the master bedroom.

#3 – Illusion/Visual

Illusion/Visual rooms might include an open office area or even a visible closet built into a nursery. Organized function fused with the right design allow form to win over function with a designer flair!


Southern Painting – The Customer’s Choice

At Southern Painting, we have spent years working with countless customers teaching this very simple theory how understanding the type of a room should be the first step Checklist - Room Type to deciding on the picture-perfect effect. Our years of award-winning service reinforces we are the customer’s choice when it comes to providing residential painting in support of the smart value decisions you’ve made for your home. We’ve helped many break through painting paralysis. Let us help you!

Next month in our final installment, part three of our “Smart Value Decisions” series, join us as we discuss color, shades and tone; the three facets of achieving color harmony!