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Posted by on Apr 12, 2017 in All Articles, Ask Our Pros, Home Improvement, Professional Services, Tips | 2 comments

Smart Value Decisions, Featuring Our “Rules of Three” – Part One

Smart Value Decisions, Featuring Our “Rules of Three” – Part One

There always seems to be a bit of magic and a sense of accomplishment when you can define the number of steps to achieve a goal or master a process. At Southern Painting, we think the same way. With over 25 years in the business of residential repaint, we have compiled our “Rules of Three.” These rules will help you understand how you use your rooms and how to incorporate the right color for each, all of which will translate to great value when painting your home.

This month we will discuss Value Purchasing in a Service Related Industry, part one of our three-part series that addresses making more informed decisions which in turn, translate to substantial value purchasing. Each rule, yes, you guessed it, has three topics to consider. These nine factors packaged together combine to detail how working with the professionals at Southern Painting remedies the questions and concerns of your painting experience.

Value Purchasing in a Service Related Industry

How do you get the best value for your dollar when searching for professionals in service related industries such as professional painting contractors? It’s simple when you look at price, quality, and accountability.

#1 – Price

Price is an essential part of determining the ultimate value of your home improvement project. We all live on budgets. Who doesn’t start out with a budget in mind when going into a project such as residential painting? A budget is typically calculated at a price we feel is justifiable for our project or purchase. Anything too far above this budget or price point will certainly make us question whether we’re getting the value we want.


So, what do we really need to consider when making a decision about price? It’s tempting to consider the company that offers the lowest price while adding a lot of “freebies” to the deal. But consider this, in the long run, gimmick pricing can cheapen the value of the purchase. Can you ever build trust when you are constantly switching service providers just to get the lowest price? Negotiation is a valuable tool, but in a day and age where everything seems negotiable, you might want to think about what deals have been made on the other side of the transaction to arrive at a price that seems “too good to be true!” You may find that cheaper isn’t always the better value, making some experiences less than desirable in the end.

Price leads us to consider the next aspect to consider when value purchasing.

#2 – Quality

Quality is essential to securing value, but is quality the same thing as value? Quality is often defined using subjective terms, usually associated with the ability to satisfy personal objectives, whereas value is defined by what a customer will willingly and knowingly pay for when deciding on the level of product or service being purchased.


Going with a professional who produces a sub-par job and doesn’t deliver quality craftsmanship destroys any value in a transaction. For example, a professional might bring you the highest quality paint product, but unless they cover 100% of the area and cut in the edge-work with straight lines, you may decide that value is lacking. Another example might deliver excellent workmanship, but disregard the timeline of the project from start to finish. This is when we take a harder look at whether we received the best value for our time and money.

To ensure you receive the best value, you want to engage professionals that gain your trust and earn your satisfaction for a job well done, which requires you to consider the importance of accountability.

#3 – Accountability

Accountability is usually guided by the integrity of the professionals you engage, and requires being responsible or answerable for action. Integrity describes commitment to honesty when faced between right and wrong. Without both values in play, you are at risk for poor outcomes decreasing your value purchase.


While there is no guarantee of verifying the quality of a service related project prior to its actual completion, the assurance of accountability and the integrity of the company becomes the promise of guarantee. One of the best ways is to lead by example: the example set by the top layer of a company. When a company allows its leaders to act without accountability, workers tend to follow suit.

Additionally, the failure to set appropriate expectations for the scope of work being performed sets the stage for possible duplication of work, resulting in increased expense. Accountability is usually found in the professional that is more likely to work efficiently while reducing risks; someone that takes control of the job and overall, takes pride in a job well done.

Southern Painting – The Smart Value

At Southern Painting, our goal is to demonstrate how we provide the best value when painting either the interior or exterior of your home. Checklist - Best ValueBy addressing price, quality, and accountability with you before we start the job, you can be sure you are making a smart value purchase from a company that truly appreciates your business.

Next month in part two of our “Smart Value Decisions” series, join us as we discuss the three categories of rooms in your home!


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