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Posted by on Aug 10, 2017 in All Articles, Color, Design, Ideas, Interior Painting, Tips |

Reach Home Staging Zenith Using These Top Hues

Reach Home Staging Zenith Using These Top Hues

When listing your home for sale, you should be mindful of the customary rules that influence a potential buyer to view your home in a more positive light. Typically, a clean decluttered home works wonders to advance a seller’s cause.  However, while a spic and span residence is always a must to successfully show your home, it would be worth your time to learn about the wide array of new tactics in home staging trends that would dramatically improve the selling power of your home

Wall color will be the first item to check off your list of home staging preparation checklist.  Many people fall back on the notion that neutral colors or even white is the perfect paint color when staging your home, and there was a time when we did, too.  Thankfully, that time is long past.

After prepping thousands of homes for staging over the years, we at Southern Painting have noticed that neutral and white (“dull and institutional”) is out, and color is in!  Today, we encourage you to consider a plethora of other colors that will ensure your home provides that jaw dropping, heart racing, “OMG! I have to have this home!” moment for those fortunate enough to walk through your door.

Perfect Paint Colors When Staging Your Home

Keep in mind you should use colors that work well with your furnishings. The idea is for prospective buyers to see a home with possibilities, not a patchwork house of colors.  Here are 5 of our favorite colors for individuals looking to sell their home quickly.

Sherwin-Williams® – Drizzle SW 6479

As a turquoise hue for “grownups”, this shade of blue can be ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. Many have found pairing this color with a neutral white can look spectacular, most especially the kitchen.


Drizzle is a calming color, and many a potential buyer will feel relaxed in a room painted this color. The hue pairs well with both modern and traditional decor, but may not look as striking in a room with excessive accents in darker browns.

Sherwin-Williams® – Perfect Greige SW 6073

While the “Greige” name may be a little odd, this unique hue blends grey and beige in spectacular fashion. The sophisticated color offers a lot of value when staging, as “Greige” can be paired with a variety of furnishings.

Used correctly, the color can add a lot of depth to a mostly white room. Plus, many buyers find the “Greige” color adds significantly more personality compared to an all-white room. If you’re staging style is low risk, this may be the best color for you.


Sherwin-Williams® – Naval SW 6244

If you’re looking for a bold staging color choice, Naval may be ideal. The hue adds elegant sophistication to any room, especially when used properly. Naval looks amazing as an accent wall or as a detail color, but we don’t recommend painting a whole room this shade, as it can overpower the potential of the room. Using Naval as an accent color in rooms that feature white, beige, or grey adds a refined maturity to the space, while ensuring your home stands out from the rest.

Sherwin-Williams® – Cyberspace SW 7076

Cyberspace is a surprising staging color recommendation to many. The color adds a little drama to a room, which can turn some buyers away. However, at Southern Painting, we’ve found that many shades of gray have become wildly popular with prospective buyers!


Rooms like offices and bathrooms are ideal for charcoal. You can also add the color to an accent wall in main living spaces. As you can see, used sparingly, gray in the kitchen raises the style meter two notches! A dramatic charcoal color also conceals any pesky shadows from large windows.

Sherwin-Williams® – Arcade White SW 7100

Last, but not least: if you aren’t into playing the odds, whites can still work when staging your home. Let us suggest you stay away from plain white.  Even white has an assortment of shades from which to choose.  Consider a white that has a hint of cream coloring. By using a creamy white with a little beige undertone, you add warmth to a room and staged correctly, you will still get acceptance from the buyer.

Arcade White


Set The Right Stage For Your Home

If you’re looking to find the ideal colors for your home before selling, look no farther than Southern Painting.  For over 25 years we have provided residential painting expertise and we would like to let our team of professionals help you find that winning color combination for your home.

Call today and then sit back and relax as we work with you to set your home to stage and sell!