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Posted by on Jul 25, 2016 in All Articles, Exterior Painting, Home Improvement, Interior Painting |

Painting Projects to Leave to the Pros

Painting Projects to Leave to the Pros

Back by popular demand, rave reviews, and the continued popularity of a DIY culture, Southern Painting is here to help separate what should be left to the Pro’s to make the most of your home improvements.

If you are like most homeowners, you probably have a laundry list of things you’d like to repair, update or renovate in your house. With the proliferation of the “Do-It-Yourself” movement, it’s tempting to tackle some of those home improvement projects yourself instead of hiring a professional, especially when it comes to interior painting projects. After all, there are online articles, videos and blogs that will guide you and save you money, right? Well, not necessarily. In truth, only professionals may be able to handle certain tasks and produce first-rate results. Here’s our guide for painting projects that should be left for the pros:


Painting a ceiling is tedious and tricky. Ceiling painting is one of the most difficult painting projects as it requires expertise and experience of being able to reach to all corners of the ceiling in a consistent manner. Hiring a professional painting contractor will ensure that the ceilings are evenly painted consistently and without brush strokes to have a perfect and clean look.

Also, acoustic ceilings pose additional challenges – both to the renovation process and possibly to your health, if asbestos or traces of lead are present. Homeowners looking to get old popcorn ceilings removed should hire a ceiling painting specialist who is licensed to test for the presence of and remove asbestos.

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painted-staircaseStairwell Ceiling and Walls

A professional-looking paint job is important in high-traffic areas such as stairwells. The ceiling and walls over your staircase are the most awkward surfaces to paint in your home — not to mention the most potentially dangerous.

Safe painting of a stairwell often requires the use of specialized equipment, such as scaffold planks, ladder levelers and telescopic extension poles. The intricacies involved in properly using these materials and applicators are reason enough to hire a professional to do the job.

painted-ombre-stairsHigh Walls

Cathedral and tray ceilings, two-story rooms and soaring staircases give homes a wow factor that impresses guests and potential buyers. High ceilings and expansive walls are visually appealing, but only if the paint job is as equally grand. A project of this magnitude is decidedly more difficult than painting traditional 8- to 9-foot high walls and is a time-consuming process that may feel more like a Stairmaster workout than a painting project. Walls must be wiped down carefully to remove dust. Painting high walls also requires specialized materials, including an extension ladder and nonslip rubber pad. A professional painting contractor will have the materials, the expertise and – most importantly- the time to get the job done right.

Many homeowners who take up these painting projects on their own fail to achieve the desired results due to lack of expertise in the application of paint or because they simply don’t know which tools and materials to use to produce quality results.

The professional painting contractors at Southern Painting know these interior painting projects don’t just involve the application of two coats of paint. There are several preparatory steps involved such as masking, scraping, filling of holes, plastering and clean up. We have all the required tools — right from the correct kind of brush to appropriate safety equipment – to improve your space when you need a professional to do it right.

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