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Posted by on Apr 20, 2017 in All Articles, Color, Design, Interior Painting |

Paint with Culture to Create Unique Designs

Paint with Culture to Create Unique Designs

It’s fiesta time in San Antonio! Be prepared for optical poptitude as the colors of Fiesta San Antonio arrest your visual sensations. The vivid colors of red, yellow, blue, and green are a part of the celebration submerging the local community into a deep history of a vibrant and distinctive culture. Here at Southern Painting, we couldn’t be more excited to appreciate the history and celebrate the fun!

We know that humans are a product of their environment. From the design of our home, the paint on our walls to the music we choose, culture colors every aspect of our life. Nowhere is this more evident than when color combines with culture to create unique designs!

Stimulating Color and Texture

San Antonio boasts of a cultural diversity with a richness of individuality and flavor and you don’t have to look far to see the pride the residents have in bringing their culture into their home design. The result – life and character in every space, as evidenced by these beautiful kitchens!

Bright Talavera tile

If you like bold colors and rustic furnishings, chances are you welcome architectural elements from Native American, Spanish European and Mexican cultures.Kitchen influence of Spain

Your walls are painted with warm earth tones like brick or clay with fabric accents in deep blues, golden yellows with prints and patterns throughout the room.

Mediterranean kitchen with bar

You don’t have to go too far to find the culture of San Antonio grounded in Spanish Colonial, Tuscan, Santa Fe and Texas Ranch designs provide that “Old World meets the Texas West” feel.

Large open kitchen with tile and appliances

Decorative ceramic tile, arched doorways, painted stucco and wrought iron provide a glimpse into the unique design culture showcases in your home, consider the impact of culture as you celebrate Fiesta San Antonio!

Spicy open kitchen

Celebrate Painting with Culture

There is beauty in the culture to be found all around us. While we’ve shared some brief observations on the impact of culture in decor, we want you to know that at Southern Painting, we will help you find the precise color that injects beauty and authenticity to your home, ultimately painting with culture to create your unique design.