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Posted by on Mar 8, 2016 in All Articles, Professional Services |

Moving To Mobile: Why Your Company Needs A Mobile-Friendly Site Yesterday

Moving To Mobile: Why Your Company Needs A Mobile-Friendly Site Yesterday

Mobile is critical to your business!

There’s no denying that we are in the era of smart phones and instant information. Here in the US, everyone knows the majority of us own (and constantly use) a smart phone, and there are actually more Google searches that take place using our mobile devices than our personal computers.

So your customers are already looking for you on their smart phones. Recently, Google updated its algorithm to favor mobile-friendly sites in search results, making the mobile component even more important for online presence.

If you don’t know if your site is mobile-friendly, check it out on Google’s mobile-friendly testing site. Your website should be compatible across all search engines and mobile browsers.

Why does my website need to be mobile-friendly?

Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Web Design - JC Consultant GroupThe desktop version of a site can sometimes be hard to view and navigate on a smart phone, requiring the user to pinch or zoom to read the content. Users find this difficult and annoying and are more likely to abandon the site and move on to another, mobile-friendly site that is readable and immediately usable.

Keep this stat in mind. The smartphone conversion rate (the percent of site visits that become a purchase or other lead) is 60 percent if the site is mobile-friendly, but only 23 percent if the site isn’t mobile-friendly. You want to make sure visitors have a positive experience on your site when they click from their mobile devices.

If your business website isn’t mobile friendly yet, you are missing out on potential business!

Mobile Ready Checklist - JC Consultant GroupCheck list for Mobile-friendly sites:

  • Layout and design fits the small screen, with navigation spaced so the user can easily click where they want without accidentally hitting an unintended button
  • Action buttons are easy to find: Call, Buy, Order, Sign up, Etc.
  • Minimum number of steps to complete a transaction
  • Images should to be compressed correctly to speed-up site loading
  • User engagement should be designed for touch screens with swiping, scrolling or tapping

How Do I Get a Mobile-friendly Site?

There are two options for creating a mobile-friendly site, and there are pros and cons to both approaches.

  1. Create a dedicated mobile site that serves only mobile devices. Even if you have an existing site for desktop users, this would mean completely creating a new one strictly for mobile users.
  2. Work with Responsive Web Design. This approach gives you one site that conforms to the user’s device, whether it’s desktop, tablet or smartphone, Surface, Kindle or Android – any device by any manufacturer.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly yet, the web experts at JC Consultant Group can help. We specialize in creating both visually impressive and mobile-friendly websites for our clients. Contact us today for a comprehensive website audit or overhaul!