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Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 in All Articles, Landscape Design |

How The Right Landscaping Renovation Boosts Curb Appeal And Increases Property Value

How The Right Landscaping Renovation Boosts Curb Appeal And Increases Property Value

Originally Posted At Simpson Landscape

The landscaping of your yard affects the curb appeal and influences the value of your home, and the outside of your property is the first thing visitors and potential home buyers see. So how do you know if your home’s curb appeal could be improved with a landscape renovation? Look for these three telltale signs that your landscape is due for an overhaul.

Simpson LandscapeYou spend too much time on maintenance.

A carefully crafted landscape can be designed for minimal maintenance demands. If you find yourself constantly facing gardening annoyances like invasive weeds, overgrown shrubs that continually need pruning or having to spray plants to prevent pests and diseases, there’s a good chance your property – and you – could benefit from a properly-planned landscape renovation. Unwisely placed plants or deteriorating garden features are often the cause of such headaches and can easily be simplified, replaced and updated for a lower maintenance landscape design.

Your landscape is past its prime.

Just like houses that need to be updated and renovated on occasion, landscapes also benefit from a makeover and redesign. Industry standards say that most residential landscape last 15-20 years before plants begin to outgrow their placement and lose their vigor.

It’s a misconception that plants never change. As they grow, they need to be pruned, thinned and divided. Proper landscaping is a delicate balancing act between how plants look when they’re planted and how they’ll look when fully grown. A garden is dynamic and goes through stages where it may require more maintenance.

Simpson LandscapeYou need to boost your curb appeal.

A good landscape design will maximize your yard’s attributes and minimize its problems to create a beautiful street side view that emphasizes the front entry of your home and highlight its architectural features. More than just manicuring the lawn, a landscape renovation that includes updating hardscaping and polishing up paths and patios will add significant value to your property.

An attractive, well-planned landscape design can add as much as 15 percent to the value of your home. Simpson Landscape has experience in designing, planning and managing landscaping renovations that are result in functional, environmentally-sound and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces.

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