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Posted by on Sep 21, 2016 in All Articles, Health & Beauty |

Your Guide to Breaking the Dreaded Shampoo Cycle

Your Guide to Breaking the Dreaded Shampoo Cycle

Based on extensive work with my clients, I’d be willing to wager you wash your hair often-probably daily. Many individuals find themselves in the same dreaded cycle of washing their hair with shampoo every single day.

In fact, many fear a bad hair day without their daily shampoo. They consider skipping a day only to glance in the mirror, and the greasy look gets to them. Typically an unneeded shampooing comes next, and the cycle continues. But what most people may not know is – shampooing your hair daily can actually make your locks dried out, stripped of natural oils needs to keep hair looking lovely for the long haul.

Shampoo removes the natural oils and nutrients your scalp produces on a day-to-day basis. Eventually, this can lead to no shine, a dry scalp, brittle strands, and too much breakage. While skipping a shampoo day may seem like a styling sin right now, you’ll have a healthier mane that’s simple to style in no time – if you stick with it.

To be successful, you’ll need a plan to ensure you lovely locks come out the exactly the way you want – without too much shampoo. At Manolo Salons, we put together a month-long plan to help you break the dreaded shampoo cycle.

Breaking the Habit:


Day 1

Keep Up Your Routine

Day One

This day will be the easiest. Just do what you normally do. Wash your hair with shampoo like you always do. Then style your hair the way you always would. There’s really not a much that needs to change for day one. Shampoos, hairsprays, conditioners, and volumizers are all A-OK.

Day 2

Kérastase V.I.P.

Day Two

Now we’ll change things up a bit. When you shower you won’t want any water touch your hair on day two. Use a clip or a shower cap to keep your flow out of the water, or perhaps opt for a relaxing soak in the tub. Once out of the shower or bathtub you will likely feel that your hair looks oily-this is normal. To ease your urges to shampoo add a layer of dry shampoo at the roots, rub it in thoroughly with your fingers and style as you like.

Day 3

Resisting The Wash

Day Three

You’re making great progress so stick with it and resist the temptation to wash! Use a little more dry shampoo if you need to. Many women find an up-do is essential when you hit day three. We recommend you try out a sleek ponytail look or a messy bun. Keeping the hair away from your face will help you feel better about the sans shampoo kick while staying with a stylish look.

Day 4

Shampoo & Style

Day Four

You’ve made it this far, then you deserve some shampoo on day four!  There will likely be dry shampoo built up and natural hair oils you’ll want to wash out at this point so have at it. So jump in the shower and revert to your day one routine of shampooing and styling your locks like normal.

Rinse and Repeat

You should follow this schedule for the first few weeks to get the best results. After a couple of weeks, see if you can go three days without shampoo. Then four. At Manolo Salons, we’ve found the ideal schedule to keep your luscious locks as healthy as possible to be one or two shampoo treatments each week.

P.S: One Quick Trick – If you wake up one morning that you shouldn’t be shampooing on with a crazy crease in your hair, you can quickly hop in the shower and wet your locks with a little warm water, using a little conditioner on the bottom half of your hair. Let it sit there for three minutes and then rinse out with warm water. This should help rid you of the bed head while keeping your natural oils and nutrients intact.