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Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 in All Articles, Professional Services |

9 Quick Fixes Sure To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

9 Quick Fixes Sure To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn, like all social media platforms, offers a steep learning curve to many. Businesses often struggle to utilize the platform correctly. Ultimately, a failure to optimize your company or personal LinkedIn profile results in a lost opportunity to stay connected, create a presence and ultimately, make more money.

If you’re anything like me, more cash in hand is never a negative. LinkedIn can be challenging, but once you get the hang of it – you can easily use the platform to boost business in more ways than one. LinkedIn has the opportunity to create and utilize a business page to assist in your company’s exposure. Creating a business page is a great tool to describe your company’s story, involve your connections, share career opportunities, and get the latest updates in your company and industry. This can be a powerful tool to create, attract, and engage your audience.

At JC Consultant Group, we specialize in helping businesses and professionals contact, connect and convert through LinkedIn. Here are nine quick fixes we’ve found over time sure to improve your LinkedIn profile:

What is Privacy? – You’re in business, whether for yourself or your company, there is no reason to keep your profile private. You want people to find you. You want customers to find you! Turn your profile to public before you do anything else.

Personal Site – The easiest way to improve your personal branding is to have a website of your own. Take your personal URL and then edit your public profile URL to your personal one. If creating a website seems like a daunting task, don’t worry! At JC Consultant Group, we can help you create a fully customized site for your personal brand.

MINE – Default settings don’t exactly help you on this social media platform. If you keep the default company of website, individuals looking at your profile will have to look who your current employer is and then go back to click it. Go to your profile, click websites, and then click other. Type in your company or organization’s name and then add descriptive terms.

Connecting Is KeyConnecting is Key – Many business professionals and enterprises forget a major key when using social media. You have to be social! LinkedIn, like other platforms, is about creating relationships and connecting. You must talk to people to do so. On LinkedIn, this means partaking in discussions. Drop knowledge, ask questions and exchange different viewpoints.

Groups on Groups on GroupsGroups On Groups On Groups – You can join up to 50 groups on LinkedIn. While that may sound like a lot, there’s no reason you shouldn’t join all 50. Groups are a fantastic place to find information and share valuable knowledge. While you won’t be able to connect with everyone in 50 groups, you’ll certainly get in contact with more people just by being a member.

LinkedIn is Not Twitter – Tweets are one of my favorite forms of social media. Being able to connect with someone over 140 characters is a unique skill. However, you don’t need to share every tweet on LinkedIn. Individuals using LinkedIn tend to prefer different types of information, not a short tweet. Feel free to share your top tweets on LinkedIn, but avoid being one of “those” people who uses LinkedIn like Twitter and shares every tweet.

Questions Build Relationships – Asking questions to others forms a connection. Plus, you’ll often find the answers you’re looking for if you’re asking the right types of questions. Answering questions others have posted is equally valuable. If you offer the information others need, you become seen as an expert in the industry. Building your reputation is critical to growing your business.

Profile IncompleteProfile Incomplete – Other business people will not take you seriously if you’re using LinkedIn to build your business, but can’t take the time to complete your profile. Make sure you have an updated photo and a fully complete summary.

Connect & SellConnect. Sell. – In that order! You shouldn’t be dropping sales pitches at every turn while using LinkedIn. Just like auto DM’s on Twitter, no one likes the guy who sends a thanks for connecting message on LinkedIn with a full sales pitch. Build the relationship, and then sell.

Learning the LinkedIn Ropes

There’s an art form to connecting and converting through LinkedIn. It can take you some time to get the hang of it. If you’re struggling to use the social media platform correctly, we can help you.

At JC Consultant Group, we specialize in creating professional LinkedIn profiles tailor-made to build relationships. We also offer service for maintaining, posting and more on the social media site for businesses. Get in touch today and let’s talk about how to bolster your LinkedIn presence.